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Composer, Pianist, Educator

Praised for his subtlety in bringing together Thai and western music in a perfect potion, Nat Yontararak has always had an exquisite taste in composing contemporary Thai music for piano. His music is tangible for non-Thais as well as recognisable for Thais for its distinct sound. They are also pianistically challenging, making it exciting for pianists to play. He has composed three sonatas and is currently working on a new one. He also composed other separate contemporary pieces for piano as well as having written many arrangements for piano and harp. (More in full biography)

As a concert pianist, he has toured across Europe as well as the United States, representing Thailand through Thai music with his piano compositions on an international stage.

As an educator, Nat Yontararak built his own private piano institute in Bangkok which has produced numerous quality pianists, who are now working in different fields from performance, to teaching, and composing.

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