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Pioneering Pianists of Southeast Asia: Nat Yontararak

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Nat Yontararak and the story of his life's work as a composer promoting Thai legacy through his piano music.

He has been working more than 40 years promoting Thai culture through music in different ways from writing his own piano solo arrangements of famous Thai songs to his own compositions that intricately weave Thai motifs with western piano music structure. This has made Thai music more tangible for international audience, while still holding recognizable traits of Thai sounds for Thai audience.

Not only that this interview has touched on this subject, find out how he worked hard to promote this kind of contemporary music as well.

Nat will be performing his compositions and his piano arrangements of the late King Rama IX's music in Singapore this June 4, 2019 on the new Steinway Spirio|r.

>>> More information about the concert:

>>> Watch the concert live:

Thank you #SteinwaySingapore for this interview :)

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