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Just finished the first movement of the latest composition.

After much research and drafts and trials, the first movement of Nat Yontararak's first suite of 'The Loss Son' is finally finished. Although, this is only the piano side. We are all very excited to see how this will develop with the addition of the percussion part.

A few months ago, Nat Yontararak spent an afternoon with two gurus of Thai traditional music. With his idea of working with 'Likay' -- Thai folk drama -- elements and presenting the whole story through music, the gurus have been most helpful in finding important musical themes from traditional Thai music that Nat could work on this composition.

The composition is set out to be done by the end of March to record and further send out to our dear dancers up in the Chiangmai to prepare for Nat's tour in Russia and Europe this September - October 2019.

Stay tune for updates!

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