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The Force Behind 'Glory to Our Great Kings'

This piece was composed at the suggestion of Khunying Malee Snidvongse na Ayudhaya who wished to see a compilation of melodies composed by the Monarchs of the Chakri Dynasty. The idea was then conceived to use all the royal themes as various elements in a single composition as a tribute to the royal musical talents of our great kings. The composition is appropriate especially for the occasion of H.M. King Rama IX's Golden Jubilee Celebration of his Ascension to the Throne.

After some research, Nat Yontararak found that besides H.M. King Rama IX, two other monarchs, H.M. King Rama II and H.M. King Rama VII had been composers. Harnessing these various themes according to the original concept proved a formidable challenge but Nat Yontararak managed to realize the piece in just seven months, from January to July 1994.

Modern Thai ways of life have their roots in the ancient cultures and values of old Siam. Yet in this age of booming economy and industrialisation, we Thai still return to our gentle, compassionate and innate strength. Likewise, the character of the music conveys both the gentleness and the strength of Thais. This philosophy reflects further the fact that finer qualities can still be appreciated in modern living if one takes time to seek them. The uncomplicated nature of music and the Thainess apparent in it show that in this age of globalisation, one can still be proud in the great heritage of our culture.

Copied from 'Glory to Our Great Kings' 1994 programme book.

Written by Nat Yontararak

Translated by Kampanat Atichatpong

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